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My main area of concern is my chin. Only in this one area did I feel the product go in. He used the needle and went straight upwards from the bottom of my chin vertically up towards the corner of my lip. While he discussed the chin with the others in the room, I flat out said, ” I do not want my chin injected”. He says, “this way you’ll never lose your chin” and in it went, then came the infamous blob. That side of my chin looks awful, there’s a large firm lump. I can send pictures if needed.


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Hello and thanks for posting.

So sorry to hear about your terrible experience with a rogue Bellafill injection.
There are several approaches for management of Bellafill nodules. The first would be monotherapy with a series of triamcinolone injections. If ineffective, then a combination of triamcinolone and 5FU injected into the nodules may work on nodules that resist triamcinolone alone. These injections can be done every 2 weeks or so and should result in a gradual reduction in size of the nodules. If a dedicated series of multiple treatments does not work, then surgical removal would be the last resort.

Good luck!

Dr. Pierone

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