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I had PDO barbed threads 4- weeks ago. It’s been traumatic, the results are not good, visible vertical threads in both sides below cheekbones, a skin ripple below right cheek and dent on cheek. There seems to be limited information on correcting this procedure. I am now wondering whether cheek filler would help to disguise the ripple and protruding threads below each cheek by lifting the skin away from threads, also is it too soon to injection filler, I’m feeling desperate and really embarrassed




Hello and thank you for posting.

So sorry to hear about your traumatic and unacceptable results from the PDO thread treatment.

The first approach that may be tried to correct this problem is radiofrequency treatment. There are several of these devices on the market. In our practice we use an Exilis machine. A series of treatments every other day will typically lead to significant improvement in the appearance of these visible and palpable threads.

If this approach is not entirely successful, then using small amounts of HA filler to feather in the regions around the threads is an effective strategy to camouflage the threads.

The combination of these treatments should be very effective.

Hope this information helps and good luck!

Dr. Pierone

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