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I’ve had both normal needle and cannula methods on my lips before and loved the latter method as I bruised extremely easily and the cannula left me with practically no bruising whatsoever. I moved to a different state and the doctors I’ve contacted here don’t offer cannula technique but I do love their before and after pics. So my question is, should I look for the one that does offer cannula or go with the one that I like even though that doctor doesn’t offer cannula?


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Hello and thanks for posting.

Cannulas are safer, less painful, and produce less bruising than needles for most injection applications. If I met an injector who refused to learn how to use cannulas, it would definitely lower my estimation of the quality of that injector. Let’s face it, some practitioners get into a comfortable rut, continue doing what they have been doing, stagnate, and remain oblivious to technological improvements in the field.

That said, there is a role for needle injections. Not to take the place of cannulas, but to augment cannula techniques. There are specific treatment situations where a cannula would not work and needles are best.

There is a great quote that I heard from Dr. Arthur Swift, a plastic surgeon from Canada, and I agree completely. He says “good injectors use needles, good injectors use cannulas, great injectors use needles and cannulas”.

So to answer your question, if you can’t find a great injector who uses both cannulas and needles, there are good injectors who only use needles. Probably best to meet with the practitioner, discuss this issue, get a feel for the office and staff, and then make your decision.

I hope that this information helps and best of luck to you!

Dr. Pierone

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