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I have been treating my acne scarring with little improvement for 1.5 years. These are the treatments I have done: halo laser x 2, 1 infini RF that damaged my skin with large pores and grid marks, 3 microneedling treatments, 1 microneedling with PRP, 2 Perfect peels, multiple dermaplaning treatments. I am desperate to improve my acne scarring and I am lost. I have not found a doctor that can really help me. I live close to Phoenix, Arizona and I am very open to your expert advice. Thank you!


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Hello and thanks for posting.

Sorry to hear about all the suboptimal results that you have had in the management of your acne scarring.
In my experience, combination treatment of acne scars leads to best results and there are a number of new treatment options available to choose from.
The first that deserves mention is Bellafill. This facial filler is the only FDA approved filler specifically indicated for acne scars. Bellafill injection is performed in combination with subcision and this dual treatment has proven efficacy and safely for acne scars.
To improve results, PDO threads inserted into the mid-dermis has led to significant improvement in my patients.
Your next step might be to find a practitioner with expertise in acne scars and experience with Bellafill and PDO threads in you vicinity.

Good luck!

Dr. Pierone

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