Fruits and vegetables protect your insides, sure. But we’re now discovering their huge potential to help on the outside, too. Antioxidants work by slowing oxidation, a natural aging process that’s accelerated by sun and pollutants. A cornucopia of edibles show up in antioxidant masks, cleansers, brighteners, peels, and moisturizers. Keep your eye out for products with these key ingredients.

Among nature’s richest food sources of antioxidants, grapes help protect the body from environmental stressors like pollution, smoke, and excess sun. So it makes sense that this protective fruit is popping up in beauty products everywhere — your skin and hair are where resulting damage is most visible. Spas in Bordeaux, France; Napa, California; and Tuscany, Italy, are using grape-derived elements in luxe treatments such as body wraps and wine-barrel baths.

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