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Skin Tightening

Non-invasive skin tightening procedures are non-surgical devices used to stimulate collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin. Overtime, these devices work to shrink tissue, which has lost its tone and elasticity. There are many types of non-invasive skin tightening devices, using laser energy, radiofrequency energy, ultrasound energy, or a combination of these energies to deliver heat to the skin tissue.

These devices can be used on multiple areas of the body, such as the face, neck, abdomen, buttock, arms, and thighs. The number of treatments needed varies from device, energy source, location, and individual patient needs.

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There are many non-invasive treatment options available today that tighten skin and enhance firmness by targeting collagen and elastin, the building blocks that weaken as we age and cause skin to sag.  Skin tightening products and devices we use at Facial Rejuvenation FL are PDO Threads, Microneedling, Kybella.

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  • I've been in the healthcare profession for over a decade and Dr. Pierone is by far the most compassionate, dedicated physician in his field. Always warm, friendly and willing to try new things, Dr. Pierone makes you feel safe and comfortable while discussing the latest advancements in non-invasive facial rejuvenation. His results are beautiful, and he goes out of his way to accommodate your schedule. I strongly recommend Dr. Pierone to keep you young and ageless!

  • Dr. Pierone and his staff are so kind and welcoming. His compassionate and conservative approach never leaves you feeling "overdone." He is very knowledgeable and patient while discussing your desired results and is very sincere with his approach. He takes the time to listen to what your goals are and is excellent at explaining the options and details of what is needed to achieve them. It is important to him that all of his patients are pleased with their results and is willing to go above and beyond, when necessary, to make that happen. You rarely find that anywhere, folks! I am glad and grateful to have found him. Thank you, Dr. Pierone!

  • The staff are very professional and knowledgeable. All of my questions were answered and the pain level was minimal. I have had great treatment, and would recommend them highly.

  • Great staff. They're very knowledgeable and you'll love the results.

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