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The under eye area is one of the first areas of the face to show signs of aging. The average person blinks 15-20 times a minute, or 1200 times an hour! This necessary function of the eye lid keeps the eyes lubricated but blinking gradually causes the skin to lose elasticity and produce less collagen. The tissues under the eye is naturally thinner and shows more signs of aging sooner.

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A common concern of many of our patients is “looking tired” even when sleep deprivation is not an issue. Often, the under eye shows volume loss more dramatically than other areas of the face. Dark circles are often shadowing causes by volume loss. The good news is there is a solution, facial filler. We prefer Vollure®, a HA filler which is soft and smooth. It does not tend to hold water like other past generation HA fillers. In most cases, we prefer injecting the under eye area using the microcannula technique. This blunt, rounded tip catheter reduces tissue irritation, bruising, and swelling by about 80%. Since this is a very delicate area we recommend under treating the area with plan for several treatments to gradual restore volume. This method reducing risk of swelling and down time.
Other under eye issues include crepe texture, dehydration, and crow’s feet. Tricks for these issues can be as simple as changing skin care product to one that clinically improved the quality, hydration, and thickness of the delicate under eye tissue. My favorite product is Biopelle® Stem Cell Eye cream. I haven’t found another eye product that can beat it!

Sometimes skin laxity needs tightening. We offer an array of options for building collagen and tightening the under eye area. Energy devices such as Ultherapy® & Exilis® provide heat to tighten. Our latest collagen fix for the under eye area is the use of extended release smooth PDO threads. As the body absorbs the fine PDO suture, it stimulates collagen production over a 3-4 month period of time. Results last about a year.

Remember, the eyes tell all so take care of your eyes. They are the mirrors to the soul.

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  • I love this place. Everyone is so pleasant, caring and passionate about what they do. I have placed my faith in Greer, Misty and Becky and love my results. Each time They have listened about my concerns and always made it happen. I look forward to each visit and always excited to see what is new.

  • Beautiful office. Great customer service. Dr Pierone and his team are amazing! Best patient care I’ve ever experienced!

  • Great staff, knowledgeable and kind..very natural but beautiful rejuvenating...

  • Great staff. They're very knowledgeable and you'll love the results.

  • Dr. Pierone and his staff are so kind and welcoming. His compassionate and conservative approach never leaves you feeling "overdone." He is very knowledgeable and patient while discussing your desired results and is very sincere with his approach. He takes the time to listen to what your goals are and is excellent at explaining the options and details of what is needed to achieve them. It is important to him that all of his patients are pleased with their results and is willing to go above and beyond, when necessary, to make that happen. You rarely find that anywhere, folks! I am glad and grateful to have found him. Thank you, Dr. Pierone!

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