Tracy Spring

I had been going to to several different plastic surgeons for fillers like Voluma, Juvaderm, Radiesse, etc. to add volume to my thinning face. I am petite, so if it wasn’t bad enough that I started losing facial volume in my late twenties, the fillers I was getting were not lasting more than a couple months at best. It seems that my body metabolizes them very rapidly. No matter how many years the newest one promised, I was starting to feel like I was flushing money down the toilet each time. I finally got fed up and after researching Bellafill, came across Dr. Pierone. I saw that he was actually a trainer for Suneva, the company that makes the product. He is also the nations leading injector of the stuff, has Black Diamond Elite status with Allergan, etc., so I figured I was in good hands. I knew I needed something that lasted longer. What I didn’t realize was how different of an approach and experience I was in for… I met up with Dr. Pierone in Winter Park at One Aesthetics. Amie and her team there were SO friendly and welcoming. Amie actually got in touch with me days before my appointment to answer any questions I might have and fill me in on the product and how it worked. I’ve never been so impresssed, honestly. She is always available to me, even now, if I any issues or questions. She’s a sweetheart and I love the entire staff at One Aesthetics. When I met Dr. Pierone my expectations were blown out of the water. For years I had been filling two areas of my face: my nasolabial folds and my cheeks. My biggest issue was that no matter what filler was used in my nasolabial folds it didn’t last. So that’s what I told him. Dr. Pierone looked at my face and explained to me that while he did see a loss of volume in that area, he also saw a lack of overall balance….he pointed out how the lower portion of my face was becoming much more narrow than the top half. I agreed with him (I was fascinated-I didn’t know that could be fixed!) I suddenly knew I was in the hands of an artist-and I let him work. (My husband was there for that appointment, incidentally-he watched in awe as my transformation happened. He is SO impressed with what Dr. Pierone can do-and he doesn’t impress easily. He used to be kind of, “meh,” when I would get fillers done) My first visit, he injected four syringes of Bellafill. When he handed me the mirror I started to cry. I couldn’t believe the difference he had made in my face. I didn’t realize filler could be placed where he had placed it! I’ve never had that reaction after any procedure. Instead of just filling out an area like my nasolabial folds, he had filled out the entire lower portion of my face…and it looked beautiful! My next visit he used the Bellafill to do something called a Y-lift. I needed only 3 syringes. He also used two PDO threads to subtly reshape my nose. This was so cool. I could suddenly breathe better as an added bonus! My face just keeps looking more lifted and youthful!! Now when I go I only need one syringe of Bellafill to touch up. Or just some threads for lift. The Bellafill is holding up for me far better than the previous fillers I’ve used, though it’s too soon to say if it lasts years on end (I’ve had it in my face about a year and a half now) Dr. Pierone’s creative approach, experience and knowledge are reason enough to visit him! Even if you’re not looking for Bellafill I would recommend seeing him! My last visit he placed some threads to help lift my undereye area a touch, and on one side of my face by my ear to lift my face and correct some asymmetry that bothers me. Amazing! I met up with a friend that evening and my husband took our picture together. I never liked a picture of me better-even pictures of me in my twenties! (I would post it here but prefer to remain anonymous…) I can’t believe the difference Dr. Pierone has made in my face. I could never let anyone else touch it now! He is also very friendly and listens to your concerns with a caring ear. He takes his time with you and makes sure you are happy. I can’t believe I forgot to mention that earlier! He makes you feel at ease immediately. I never feel stupid or embarrassed to ask about anything. Anyway, I travel from NY to FL to see Dr. Pierone. He is worth it. I would tell any friend of mine to not waste a dime anywhere else. Go see this man. He is up to some really innovative stuff! Non-surgical, quick, effective, and almost no bruising or down time. You can see him in Winter Park, FL like I do and say hello to Amie and the crew 🙂 They’re amazing and always take great care of me.

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