Tracy Spring

I love One Aesthetics and always have an A+ experience here. Dr Pierone and his staff are friendly, knowledgeable and make you feel immediately comfortable and right at home. Amie reached out to me before my very first appointment to make sure that any questions or concerns I might have about my upcoming treatment were addressed. She was so friendly and helpful. Before seeing Dr. P. I had been to a couple of doctors for fillers but was frustrated by how quickly my body metabolizes most of them. I was spending a lot of money every few months filling and re-filling my nasolabial folds and cheeks. Nothing seemed to last. After doing some research, I discovered Bellafill and Dr Pierone. He is the best Bellafill injector in the world so I decided to stop messing around and go see the best. My appointments with him are unlike any other I’ve experienced. He asks me what bothers me and then with his experienced eye explains what he sees and what he is able to do to improve my overall appearance. I was amazed as what he explained was far more than I had ever thought possible. After my first appointment he handed me the mirror and I began to cry. I was just that blown away by the transformation. No previous filler or plastic surgeon had ever brought about a transformation quite like that! More recently Dr. P. has been using PDO threads to narrow the bridge and lower portion of my nose. I told him I was considering a nose job, as I felt my nose was a bit broad for my liking. He said we could try the PDO threads first since they are less expensive and less invasive. The change I was seeking was slight and the threads did the trick! I was delighted and even noticed I could breathe better merely due to him placing two PDO threads that day. My mind was blown. I’ll never let another doctor touch my face. I fly a few hours to see Dr. Pierone and he is unquestionably worth it. His conservative approach has provided me natural yet dramatically improved results that I am truly over the moon about. I’m so thankful for him, Amie, Dana and everyone at One Aesthetics. And yes, so far the Bellafill is actually holding up for me! Which is a huge relief. I no longer feel like I am flushing money down the toilet lol.


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