Timothy Ginn

By age 42, I realized that I was losing volume around my cheekbones, and nasolabial folds were becoming more obvious.  After reading extensively about various facial fillers, I decided to try Bellafill.  I liked the fact that, according to the published product info, it lasted so much longer than the other fillers.  I continued researching online and discovered that Dr. Gerald Pierone in Vero Beach, FL was the authority on this particular product.  There are many doctors who will inject with Bellafill, but Dr. Pierone has much more experience and history using this product that any other doctor out there.  I called Dr. Pierone’s office in Vero Beach, FL and spoke with one of his representatives there.  She answered my questions, but I also asked to speak to Dr. Pierone.  Bear in mind, this is typically not an option.  Most doctor’s offices request (understandably) that you go in for a consultation to speak to the doctor.  Much to my surprise, Dr. Pierone took the time to call me personally!  I’m so glad he did.  He actually suggested that I try some temporary fillers to start with so that I would at least have an idea of what to expect.  He was kind, down to earth, and extremely professional.  I was VERY impressed with his warmth and manner, and blown away by the fact that he took the time to call me.

 I took Dr. Pierone’s advice and went to my dermatologist for Voluma injections in my cheeks.  I LOVED the results.  The volume it added to my cheeks and under my eyes took years off my appearance without making me look “different”.  The result was just a fresher, more rested youthful me!  I was told the Voluma injections would last at least a year.  Unfortunately, the results I loved barely lasted 3 months.  I tried Radiesse next.  I also loved the results of that filler, but the results only lasted about 3 to 4 months for me.  By this time, I felt confident that I did like the results facial fillers, but there was no way I could afford to pay thousands every few months to maintain the results.  I just needed something that would last longer.  I contacted Dr. Pierone’s office in Vero Beach (Facial Rejuvenation, FL) and was told that he also offers services at “One Aesthetics” in Winter Park, FL (close to Orlando) for the convenience of patients flying or travelling from out of town.  I called One Aesthetics and spoke to Amie Evans.  Amie, like Dr. Pierone, was incredibly kind and patient.  She answered all my questions (I had many) and we scheduled my consultation/injection at the same time since I was flying in from out of town.  Bear in mind, about 2 years had passed since I spoke to Dr. Pierone…..so, I was incredibly excited to finally have the Bellafill injections.  Upon arriving at One Aesthetics in Winter Park, I was greeted by Mark Evans, Amie’s husband.  Together Amie and Mark operate One Aesthetics.  Mark was super sweet and made me feel right at home.  I know that going on and on about all of these folks and saying how kind, down to earth, professional, etc. sounds ridiculous, but it’s all true!  I was COMPLETELY blown away by ALL of these guys.  I can say that I am a very good judge of character and the caring and compassionate attitude that I received from Dr. Pierone and the One Aesthetics team was GENUINE.  It was obvious that I was in capable hands, and better yet, in the hands of people who really cared.

The injections themselves were practically painless, thanks to the “micro-cannula” Dr. Pierone uses to inject the Bellafill.  Dr. Pierone was even more wonderful in person, once again patiently answering my questions beforehand.  The best part of all…..I LOVE my results.  Even more than the other fillers!  Dr. Pierone is definitely the BEST injector I have had.  The other Doctors who injected me were also good.  I did my research and chose them carefully as well, but even so, Dr. Pierone IS THE BEST.  He knows exactly how to place the filler depending on the areas of concern, facial symmetry, etc.  The results were flawless!  In the months following the Bellafill injections, I have had some volume loss (which is normal with Bellafill), but I go back in just a few weeks for another treatment.  Dr. Pierone described it to me as “a marathon, not a race”, which is correct.  The correction is long lasting….up to 5 years or more according to studies.  But it will take 2 or 3 treatment sessions to achieve full correction.  I would say that I maintained at least 70% correction after this first treatment.  Better yet, the level of correction that I have maintained is not diminishing.  It has been around 4 months since the injections and normally, with other fillers, I would have lost most of the correction.  Not with this product.  I am already feeling confident that it will last a very long time.  Dr. Pierone is conservative in his treatment too, which I like.  You can always add more, but you can’t subtract.

I would highly recommend Dr. Pierrone to anyone considering injections of any kind, but in particular I would urge anyone considering Bellafill to choose Dr. Pierrone for that treatment.  Bellafill is permanent, so obviously there is no room for error with this filler.

I’m looking forward to seeing all my friends at One Aesthetics in just a few weeks.  I know I’ll be thrilled with my results, once again.


Timothy Ginn

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