Sandra Redfield

Just some of my thoughts about Dr Pierone

My name is Sandra Redfield and I’m a client of Dr. Pierone which I have a great admiration for because first of all he made me young due to his extreme talent, passion, knowledge, and particular attention to detail to perfect what he does. He no doubt has being helped by God in what he does. He has done an incredible job rejuvenating my face. His technique works from inside out. The texture of my skin was completely changed throughout the process he used to make me naturally young at my 60s. We and our friends don’t realize we are aging until it’s obvious. Our friends think we are just having a bad day make up, or too much stress, we are too tired or we are upset with life. Dr. Pierone will not allow that to happen. If you wait too long, you’ll need drastic treatments that will be too hard to deal with not only through the financially or compared to the natural, stress free and magical time he will make it happen.

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