I have always had a double chin even as a teenager. The office staff was wonderful, answered all my questions and really put me at ease as I was somewhat apprehensive as this was my first cosmetic procedure. I was advised that my first treatment would be 2.5 vials of Kybella and that I would need 3 – 4 sessions six weeks apart. Before the procedure numbing cream was placed on the area to injected and I had to wait about 20 minutes to get good and numb. My neck areas was cleaned/prepped and my tattoo to guide the injections was put in place. The injections were honestly not horrible. It kinda reminded me of getting a tattoo and a majority I did not even feel. The area injected does have a somewhat slight burning sensation from the Kybella itself but it was pretty tolerable. After the injections my neck area was cleaned again to remove the lovely dotted tattoo and I iced the area for maybe 10 minutes in the office and I was done. I had the opportunity to ask any additional questions and was on my way back to work. It has been about 5 hours at this point and I am seeing some swelling so I have been icing on and off since I got home. The neck area injected is pretty tended but I really expected that.

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