After going through a terrible divorce, I was devastated, looked worn out and felt hopeless. I had never considered or realized that there were options to a more youthful appearance other than a surgical facelift. Spending many years doing good things for others, I made the decision to do something special for me. A friend referred me to Dr. Pierone and what a blessing! He and his staff have been such a nice addition to my “family.” We have all worked together to create a newly rejuvenated me! Dr. Pierone is a true artist – thoughtful and conservative. When I tell people my age, they are stunned. I’ve made a lot of significant accomplishments in my life, but caring for me and realizing that having a youthful appearance is “okay” was life changing. I’m so thankful that Dr. Pierone and I have created this great artistic partnership. And, please know that you are truly worth doing good things for yourself!


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