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His face threading bad or dangerous to do? I was thinking of having my neck pull up face threading.


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Hello and thanks for posting.

PDO threads represent a significant advancement in nonsurgical facial rejuvenation. There are two general categories of PDO threads, volumizing threads, and suspensory threads.

The suspensory threads contain tiny barbs all along their surface which attach to the deep dermis and allow the skin envelope to be pulled up and back to create a more youthful appearance.

Like any procedure, there are potential complications. These complications include pain, bruising, and visible appearance of the thread. There is a learning curve, like all procedures, so the risk of complications declines as the experience of the practitioner expands.

Even in the relatively short period of time that these threads have been available in the United States, the companies continue to innovate and the current offerings have improved performance characteristics, so the complication rate had declined for this reason too.

In summary, PDO threads do work for facial and neck lifting, the complications are not common, and are quite manageable if they do occur.

I hope that this information helps and best of luck to you!

Dr. Pierone

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